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30 June 2011


was painted with Winsor & Newton Acrylic on a canvas board 11"x14"
The background was executed entirely with a painting knife 
 the boys were then added with a brush.

29 June 2011


was executed with Winsor & Newton Acrylic using only Burnt Sienna, Pthalo Green and Titanium White. I did introduce a touch of ultramarine blue into the water about half way through the job, but that was mostly covered with more pthalo green.

09 June 2011


Recently I decided to trial a new Artists' Acrylic manufactured by Winsor & Newton.
"IMPRESSION SUNRISE" is the result of my 1st dabble with these new paints.
Hailed to be the most scientifically advanced acrylic colour available offering a revolutionary and unique advancement in acrylic paint manufacture.
Features include:
    • Virtually No Colour Shift from Wet to Dry
    • New Transparent Binder for Exceptional Colour Brilliance
    • Unparalleled percentage of Single Pigment Colours
    • Outstanding Richness, Intensity & Depth of Colour
Well I can honestly say it is a pleasure to paint with. Lately I have favoured working with oils and pastels for the main reason that I have been doing work which required a lot of blending. These new acrylics have an extended open time and a lovely smooth texture making them ideal for blending.

If your would like an acrylic that feels more like an oil I would recommend you give them a try.

(By the way, I am not being paid to say all this)  ....but hey.... if anyone from Winsor & Newton happens to read this blog post  ...  let it be known ... I am available for promotions... ;o)

02 June 2011

Black Swan

I love black paper!
This swan was painted (drawn if you prefer) from a snapshot taken at the Gympie Duck ponds. The photo was pretty ordinary, but once the background was eliminated I think it made quite a nice little portrait. All it took was a black & white pastel pencil a couple of reds for the beak, browns for the eye and an extra pale blue soft pastel for the background.

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