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26 August 2010


This is one of the "Welcome to My Garden" images which didn't end up being featured in the DVD. I am currently working on some written instruction to go with the step-by-step photos while I await the return of my DVD producing computer.

17 August 2010


Last Sunday after church we took the kids to visit Bli Bli Castle. They had a great time dressing up and chasing clues for the treasure hunt. I got some good photos to use for painting reference.
If I  had to describe my daugter in 1 word it would be "party" and she  was delighted to find a Jesters hat for her to wear in the dress up box.
I feel this portrait has captured her personality very well.

10 August 2010


Looks like a really smart bike doesn't it? Well let me tell you "It's not so smart!" Oh sure it's ok on the straight sealed roads, but you take your eyes of the road for 1 second and let it onto the gravel and dirt and it has no idea how to behave what so ever. come my excuses for why the "Welcome to My Garden" DVD is still not available and why I haven't posted in so long.....firstly....after much deliberation and liason with the DVD reproduction company I have decided to produce this series as 4 separate discs (1 for each painting) in the 1 package. This has extended editing time somewhat but that is mostly finished now......secondly.....the computer I use for video editing has died! It was only a very young computer so it has gone back under waranty and I was told - "It can be resurected with some new parts and will be just like a new one. This should take between 2 days to 2 weeks to sort out .....that was 3 weeks ago so far, last week I was told "Should be only another week or so" what does the bike have to do with all this?.....well....not that much really.....except that on the way home from dropping the computer back to the supplier (yes of course a car would have been more practical ) the bike decided to buck me off onto the side of the road..... I got back on and rode it home just to show it I was still boss, but I spent the next week in bed on painkillers and the following week in bed without painkillers and now praise god I am back on a computer..... Unfortunately I still don't have THE computer but hopefully not too much the mean time I will endeavour to at least keep you informed and entertained with some new postings.

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