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17 March 2010


From my kitchen window is the view of my favorite garden. It is the one that I originally designed and planted as my "Cottage Style Garden" when I was going through my " Mad Keen Gardener" phase some years ago. I also created a "Rose Garden" a "Palm/Rainforest Garden" a "Native Australian Garden" a "Chookpen Garden" and a  "Roundabout driveway Garden". I already had an orchard garden and several other smaller nondescript plantings from previous years landscaping.

As I am currently in my "Mad Keen Artist" phase ( or mabye it is just "Mad Artist". I don't know . Is there a difference?) only the hardy and self preserving plants are still thriving.  The "Rose Garden" which was once my favorite (when I had the time and inclination to manicure it sometimes on a daily basis) is sadly no longer an artists inspiration. The "Cottage Garden" however still manages to produce some colourful blooms from time to time and attract a variety of birds and butterflies and  this  is what stirs the desire within me to paint.

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